"Gathering Roots""You Have New Mail Waiting"100th Episode Extravaganza
92Al RokerAlex Jones
Alpha CentauriansAndrew BasiagoAnunnaki
AtlanteansB.o.B. was Right!BRITISH African-Americans
Birth GenieBishopville LizardmanBlack Eyed Children
BlowupsBohemian GroveBohemian Grove re-revisited
Brian FrangeBrian Frange (alternate reality)Brian Frange Shocked!
Buddah MouseCaptain KayeCarl Yu
Charles GouldCisco Grove Alien EncounterClarions
Complete list of predictions from the Gulf Breeze 6David H BoyleDisappearance of Frederick Valentich
DolphinsDonald MarshallElizabeth Klarer
Episode 115: Alien Love Bites and The Reptilian CupidEpisode 116: Orgonics: Using Crystals to Fight The New World OrderEpisode 117: Reptilian Parasites
Episode 119: Interview With An Alien for 2015Episode 120: Undercover At The Reptilian Crystal ShopEpisode 121: Phil Schneider Revisited
Episode 122: Reptilian Wal-MartEpisode 123: Valiant ThorEpisode 126: Andrew Basiago and Project Pegasus
Episode 127: Live From New York City - Al Bielek Back in Time!Episode 128: The Montauk Chair!Episode 129: The Mothman
Episode 130: Alex Collier Unleashed!Episode 131: The Alpha Centaurians Get Laid!Episode 132: The Plejarens Exposed!
Episode 133: Truman Bethurum And Yet Another Hot, Sexy AlienEpisode 134: The Almighty DjinnEpisode 135: Bodysnatching Underground Lizard People
Episode 136: Bohemian Grove Pee-VisitedEpisode 137: LIVE! The Definitive Preview of the Tournament of Aliens Part IEpisode 138: Undercover At The United 93 Memorial
Episode 139: The Definitive Preview of the Tournament of Aliens Part IIEpisode 139A: Results Show - Tournament of Aliens Opening RoundEpisode 139B: Results Show - Tournament of Aliens Round 2
Episode 139C: Results Show - Tournament of Aliens Round 3Episode 139D: Results Show - Tournament of Aliens Round 4Episode 139E: Results Show - Tournament of Aliens Round 5
Episode 140: The Deros & Teros - The Shaver Mysteries and the Idiots From The Center of the Earth!Episode 141: Haunted American CemeteriesEpisode 142: The Bishopville Lizardman
Episode 143: Larry Sinclair - The Man Who Sucked Barack Obama's DickEpisode 144: The Season 3 FinaleEpisode 145: Mel's Hole and Other Gaping Pits
Episode 146: Video Game StrangenessEpisode 147: B.o.B. vs. Neil DeGrasse Tyson - The Flat Earth TheoryEpisode 148: Presidents Talk Aliens
Episode 149: Ghosts of The Stanley HotelEpisode 149 "Ghosts of the Stanley Hotel"Episode 150: Bohemian Grove Employee EXCLUSIVE Interview
Episode 151: The Secret Life of PlantsEpisode 152: The Doglike-Arnold-Monster of Central PennsylvaniaEpisode 153: The Alien In The Freezer
Episode 154: Kyle Odom and The Hypersexual Martian ManifestoEpisode 155: TulpasEpisode 155 Tulpas "Love Lift Us Up"
Episode 156: Real VampiresEpisode 157: Phone Calls From The DeadEpisode 158: Kentucky Goblins
Episode 159: Undercover Tarot Card ReadingsEpisode 160: Life After Death - A Ghost Story That Will Make You BelieveEpisode 161: Channeling Celebrities
Episode 162: Live Channeling Session w. Bills BusterEpisode 163: Mass HysteriaEpisode 164: Dumbest Alien Stories Ever Vol. 1
Episode 165: The Fermi ParadoxEpisode 166: REPLAY Open Lines Episode 5Episode 167: The Gulf Breeze UFOs - Part I
Episode 168: The Gulf Breeze UFOs - Part IIEpisode 169: Special 4th of July Independence Day Live BroadcastEpisode 170: The Gulf Breeze UFOs - Part III
Episode 171: The Original Bigfoot HoaxesEpisode 172: The Wishing MachineEpisode 173: Ghost Busting with Phoebe's Mom
Episode 174: The Dumbest Alien Stories Vol. 2 - Dumb Fights EditionEpisode 175: The Michigan / Wisconsin DogmanEpisode 176: Wildcard Week!
Episode 177: The Bills Buster Saga: Who is LL?Episode 178: Time Travel Part 1: Isolated IncidentsEpisode 179: Time Travel Part II - Open Time Lines
Episode 180: Time Travel Part III - John TitorEpisode 181: Magick, Hexes, and The 2016 ElectionEpisode 182: Time Travel Part IV - John Titor The Second
Episode 183: Time Travel Part V - Steven Gibbs Time MachineEpisode 184: The Mysterious Death of Max SpiersEpisode 185: The Bermuda Triangle and Other Famous Shapes
Episode 186: The Psychic TwinsEpisode 187: The Annual Thanksgiving ReplayEpisode 188: Bigfoot In The 70s Part I - The Legend of Boggy Creek
Episode 189: Bigfoot In The 70s The Legend Continues - Bigfoot Man or BeastEpisode 190: Bigfoot In The 70s Part II - Mysterious Monsters: BigfootEpisode 191: The Season 4 Finale
Episode 192: Mysterious Disappearances Part 1 - The Sodder FamilyEpisode 193: Mysterious Disappearances Part 2 - The Dyatlov PassEpisode 194: Mysterious Disappearances Part 3 - The Death of Elisa Lam
Episode 195: Open Lines (February 2017)Episode 196: Sea Monsters Part 1 - The Olaus Magnus MapEpisode 197: Sea Monsters Part 2 - The Lake Champlain Monster
Episode 198: Sea Monsters Part 3 - Immortal JellyfishEpisode 199: Open Lines (March 2017)Episode 200: Deals With The Devil Part 1 - Bad Deals
Episode 201: Deals With The Devil Part 2 - The SOS Hall of Fame SpecialEpisode 202: Deals With The Devil Part 3 - To Hell and Back with Howard StormEpisode 203: Deals with the Devil Part 4 - Going to Hell With George G. Ritchie
Episode 204: Alien Contact - Interview with The YahyelEpisode 205: Alien Contact - Whitley Strieber's CommunionEpisode 206: Alien Contact - Whitley Strieber Part 2 Probing Deeper
Episode 207: Alien Contact - This is KortonEpisode 208: The Best Bigfoot Sighting with Tim PeelerEpisode 209: Budd Hopkins Intruders - Part 2
Episode 210: Budd Hopkins Intruders - Part TwoEpisode 6: Interview with an AlienEpisode 7: Interview with an Alien Part Deux
Episode 87Episode 87- The Conspiracy CrossoverEpisode 8: The Unexplainable Philosophy of Ben Kronberg
Episode 8 - The Deep CutFAN FICTION EPISODE 129 THE MOTHMANFAN FICTION EPISODE 131 "The Alpha Centaurians"
FAN FICTION EPISODE 42-43 "A New Beginning Always Starts At The End"FAN FICTION Episode 151: The Secret Life of PlantsFAN FICTION MAIN PAGE
Famous DogsFan Fiction: Episode 145. Mel's HoleFan Fiction: Episode 183: Time Travel Part V
Fan Fiction Episode 153Fritz SpringmeierG.U.C.T. (Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory)
George Van TasselGrapefruit LauncherHamburger
Henry KissingerHerbert, HerbertHollywood BrYan Frange
Hollywood BrYan Punching up scriptsHot Dog ArtI won't be doing that again
Its So Silly, Its So Simple and Ridiculous... but that's exactly why it works!Jason SaenzJeb Bush
Jeff BossJohn StormmJohnny T
Jonathan ReedJoshua P Warren is Whitley Strieber conspiracyJust to clarify Dave about why you would want to put it on your.. on your uh, face?
Kelly hopkinsville encounterKevin CobbsKorendians
LA Brian aka Bumble BrianLarry SinclairLeo Martin
LeprechaunsLionfishMain Page
Maryland GoatManMel's HoleMermaids
MothmanNew World OrderNikola Tesla
Northern England UFO hotspotOpen Lines - Episode 1 (March 2016)Open Lines - Episode 2 (April 2016)
Open Lines - Episode 3 (April 2016)Open Lines - Episode 4 (May 2016)Open Lines - Episode 5 (June 2016)
Open Lines - Episode 6 (June 2016)Open Lines - Episode 7 (June 2016)Open Lines - Episode 8 (August 2016)
Open Lines Theme - parodyOrgonicsPhil Schneider
Phil Schneider's DickPhoebe TyersPhoebe Tyers - tribute parody
Phoebe and the Brian Episode 2Phoebe and the Brian episode 1Plants
PlejarensPlugged InPronunciation of Ouija
Richard HoaglandRicky the Street Performer (He's Really Good at it)Saurin Choksi
Sebastian ConelliSecret Life of Plants: "Plants Ain't No Nice Guys Either"Sheriff Liston Truesdale
Skull-Fuck CharlesSpace Pancakes (Grease Cakes)T-Shirt Money
Temporal PhenomenaThe AnusThe Bilderberg Group
The Bleeding Skull TreeThe Doglike-Arnold-MonsterThe Green
The OrangeThe Sea WormThe Sue Sill Abductions
The Unbelievable Podcast: The MovieThe Unbelievable Secret Origins StoryThe Zebloc Alien Invasions
Tournament of Aliens 2015Travis IrvineTruman Bethurum
TulpasUhhh...Is this a Real Show?Unbeliever
Unbeliever AnthemUnbeliever Anthem - Alternate versionUnbroken Promises (book)
United 93 Visitor's CentreValiant ThorVampire Peacocking
WashtarWestall UFOWhy do I know this?
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