It was late, five past midnight, the episode was finally over, "Why the fuck did I agree to record this shit. Sure the paranormal is part of my  life, shit's happened to me, but Brian doesn't even take this shit seriously, and Pheobe! She's a sweet girl, but..."

"Fuck New York! " Kevin mutters to himself, "I can't even park near her building, then I gotta walk through this shit neighbourhood, fuck!"

Ruminating over the episode Kevin smirks, "Stan 'the piece of shit' Romanek, lying cunt, probably had a real encounter years ago, now he's just clinging to the fame. Though there is something creepy about that shit, and that little girl was dope as crap, Photoshop my arse! That shits too real, Brian's an idiot."

Without warning Kevin's stomach fills with unease, the hairs on his neck stand up, and goose bumps bead up on his forearms. Then he hears it, footsteps, two pairs, behind him.

Turning he notices the street lights flicker out, the subtle silhouette of two figures briefly visible before the darkness.

His heart compels him to run but his legs won't comply.

Two streetlights away blink out.

A sheen of sweat forms on his forehead, his vision blurs.

One streetlight away flashes off.

The footsteps slow, and gently to men emerge from the darkness, as they draw closer Kevin notices a strange familiarity, something about their faces, then it hits him like a cartoon anvil to the head.

Sean Connery and Harrison Ford stand mute before him, heavy Fedora's shading their eyes. Their black outfits acting as if they're eating the light.

The two men lean in close, a hint of ammonia wafts from their skin.

"Ahh Kevin," says Connery in his signature accent, "it would seem you've been looking into forbidden knowledge."

"Yes forbidden knowledge." Ford repeats while placing the foil wrapping from a stick of gum into his mouth, the gum itself being discarded to the curb earlier.

"You know that's unwise?" Connery says as if asking a question that can't be answered.

Ford reaches out and clasps Kevin hand, his skin is cold and clammy. Lifting it up to his face he draws Kevin's palm across his cheek, his course stubble grates like sandpaper. He then starts sniffing the hand, relentlessly moving up Kevin's arm, stopping briefly to lick and bite. 

Grinning Sean says "I think a reset is in order."

"Yes, a reset." Ford says between breaths, the gum foil tangled around his teeth.

Raising a hand Connery whispers, "you know the rules, now forget."

The streetlights blink twice, before coming on again.

Drawing his phone from his pocket Kevin glances at the time. "Two-thirty, fuck this shit!"

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