Brian and Pheobe we're just sitting down to record a new episode of the unbelievable podcast, together, in Brians seemingly impossible dark bachelor pad in LA. It's a rare occasion, but Pheobe is in LA for an acting gig and after adjusting her eyes to Brians mole burrow like abode, they both start checking levels and adjusting their headphones.

Brian: "How does this sound? I'm trying out a new way of recording. How's my voice in the cans ?"

Pheobe: " The cans? come on Brian..."

Brian: "What? That's what people call them"

Pheobe: *Huge Laugh* "ohhhh K"

Just then Kevin Cobbs burst in with a letter addressed to The Unbelievable podcast from a PO Box located in Point Pleasant, West Virgina.

Pheobe: "Kevin!? What the hell are you doing here? You're barely on the podcast these days, let alone hand delivering letters to us in LA"

Kevin: " I know right? Anyways, see ya"

Brian opens the letter and inside is a short message:

"Please help, Meet me at the museum as soon as possible, you're the only ones that can help"

Brian: "oh yeah baby! I've been waiting for an excuse to go back to Point Pleasant, let's say you and me hit the road in my Prius and take a trip!"

Pheobe: "Really, why not? We can record a new video for our Patreon subscribers while we're there, just let me grab my sensible, functional, yet totally fashionable sweater and we can hit the road"

Brian: "Sure! But first did you know that inside and out Toyotas revolutionary Prius has been completely redefined? From the sporty exterior to the high tech, soft-touch interior, Prius has never had such a powerful presence. In fact, my new Prius has a Tilt & Telescopic Steering Wheel, Automatic Temperature control, Cabin Air filter, drivers seat recline adjustment, a backup camera, eco drive monitor ... etc... etc...

Pheobe: Are you fucking serious Brian?

Brian: I havn't even told you about the sound system Pheobe! It has a shark fin type antenna, voice recognition, AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA, Audio Auxiliary Input Jack, bluetooth capability, Phonebook and streaming audio via Bluetooth ...etc...

*Brian goes on in length about his new Prius, the sound system, how great it is on gas and how he recently drove up to Burbank to see a Oasis cover band called "Oasish" and how great it was. After he finally pulls his head up from reading his Prius' operation manual, Brian notices Pheobe is long gone*

Brian: "Pheobe? Pheobe?! Pheebs?! Pheobe! Oh, Ok, I see how it is. It's Just you and me bag of sweet tango apples, you're my only friends"

*** 2 weeks later and Brian is reading through his newsfeed on Facebook ***

Headline: "New York Girl saves countless lives from Bridge Collapse at 2017 Mothman Festival, Pheobe Tyers Day declared by mayor an anual event" 

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