A long time ago when people still thought the world would end in 2012, The Unbelievable Podcast creator Brian Frange used to have a co-host named [CENSORED]. He was a weird kind of guy and got really angry whenever someone challenged his opinion on almost anything. For the first eight episodes of the show both Brian and [CENSORED] were still trying to find the voice of the show through random interviews. However whenever Brian would demonstrate his now trademark humor of making fun of weird people doing weird things, [CENSORED] became extremely butt hurt and would yell at Brian. This awkwardness all came to a head in episode eight when Brian made a attempt to talk about ...... Reptilians!


"Look at this person sneeze" Brian mocked as he pointed at the YouTube video of a news reporter snorting and grunting during a interview. "That is not a normal noise. He has to be a Reptilian." He giggled and looked over at [CENSORED], then kept replaying the strange sneeze over and over. "Ah. CHOOWEE. Ah. CHOOWEE."

"That is not funny Brian. He clearly has a disability." [CENSORED] groaned and looked at Brian disapprovingly. " Your cynical mocking ways are offending to me and you should be ashamed of yourself."

"Come on man." Brian pleaded. "Listen to that sneeze. Are you telling me that Reptilians are not real?"

"All reptilian propaganda is offensive. David Eye Key is a racist and he hates Jews." [CENSORED] bellowed and kicked out the chair from underneath Brian. [CENSORED] stood over Brian and ripped a shiny large sharp rock from his pocket. "You see this rock Brian?! If you touch this rock it means you will never argue with me again. I can cure you of your strange cynical mocking ways."

"Hey man. What the hell?" Brian stammered. "Get away from me, I told you before I am not going to touch your rock." He began to retreat and head toward the door outside of the apartment.

"Touch the rock Brian! Touch it!!" [CENSORED] screamed. He started kicking over the podcast equipment and jumping up and down hysterically. "When are you going to listen to me and stop arguing with me? Everyone knows I am always right and you are always wrong!" [CENSORED] advanced closer to Brian and followed him across the room knocking over expensive furniture along the way.

"[CENSORED]! Watch out!" Brian exclaimed. Before [CENSORED] could heed Brian's warning he tripped over the wire to his expensive microphone. [Censored] was still in a fit of hysteria so he fell awkwardly in a abnormal position with his face landing on the sharp rock he wanted Brian so desperately to touch. Brian went over to check if his co-host was ok, but as he turned his body over the sharp rock was sticking out of [CENSORED]'s eye socket.

"Ah-CHOOWEE" Brian sneezed. Then he called up Johnny T to help him bury the body.

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