On a brisk, sweet halloween while the sun was gently setting over the Kansas plains, Brian and Phoebe found their way to a small town called Stull.

    “Hey Phoebe, you think we will find a screaming sk-skull in the graveyard?” Brian asked idiotically.

    “What, Brian, No! This is the one with the staircase to hell! Get your facts straight.” Phoebe corrected.

    “Oh, well, sorry for the joke! Let’s hope we don’t see resurrection Mary, or Giles Corey!” Said Brian crudely.

    “Ugh, whatever Brian. Why don’t you go scream like a witch over the staircase…” Phoebe trailed,“if we find it…”

    As Brian and Phoebe walked into the town to find the graveyard, Brian hid behind Phoebe so the dead, black eyed sneering from the townspeople was more directed toward Phoebe. Once they arrived at the graveyard, they took out their flashlights, climbed the fence, and began looking for any sort of entrance or door. After five minutes of searching, it was pitch black, and the townsfolk began gathering around the graveyard in a circle. An old woman stepped through the gate and headed to the back of the graveyard.

    “Uh, Brian, I think we should leave…” Said Phoebe, but, much to her dismay, Brian whipped out a video camera.

    “Phoebe, the Unbelievers are going to LOVE this! We can’t leave!” Brian exclaimed.

    Just then, the old woman started to growl as the townspeople began to chant in Latin. A light began to appear from the grave that the woman was standing on. The woman got down onto all fours and began to change form into what looked like a wolf. A light rose from the gravestone behind her and shot at the ground in the dead center of the graveyard. The grass caught fire and burned in a spiral shape creating a hole in the ground.

    Brian moved closer with the camera, “Phoebe look! The staircase!” As he yells this, a demonic figure rises out of the fiery pit in the bottom of the staircase. The chanting from the townspeople grows louder and louder until it seems like they are all screaming this unknown chant. The figure emerges from the staircase, and as soon as it’s foot touches the grass, the townsfolk collapse as if they were all sleepwalking.

    The figure walks over to the old woman, who is now in the form of a vicious wolf. “Good girl, you were always my favorite child. Now, get that camera and fetch me those humans.”


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