David H Boyle is a researcher, author, inventor and truthseeker from the United Kingdom. He is a, and I quote, 'well known Fylde expert on extra-terrestrials'. Fylde being the area around Blackpool. Well known, from near me, and I haven't heard of him before. Anyway...

Museum Edit

David Boyle opened the Blackpool Exhibition of the Universe at some point around 2015. The full name is 'Exhibition of the Universe, Blackpool; Alien, UFO, Paranormal & Spiritual'. The best exhibitions has semi-colons. He used to run a Doctor Who museum which has been replaced by a lousy no good palm reader and a super awesome DINOSAUR WORLD!!! DINOSAURS!!!

But yeah, apparently the museum is still around possibly, and it has positive reviews. I may visit when I have the time, and will amend this page to inform of what I see and learn of the theories.

The museum has 'full size models of aliens based on descriptions from people who have seen them', there are pictures of some that can be seen on the internet. The exhibitions have the aim of showing 'how the universe works' and is 'very philosophical'.

The museum also reveals the 'global conspiracy which has kept alien presence from us'.

It also has work on vibrations, the moon landing hoax, and other stuff. Apparently, it is quite difficult to know as to what is new museum and what is old museum. But there is definitely some weird stuff... Stuff about the origins of people....

David Icke Icke Baby Edit

According to some David H Boyle is a discount, more northern version of David Icke.

This is to do with ancient monuments being 'books in stone' and stuff like that. Crop circles. The galactis federation of light. The stones not matching up with history. Humans are made up of twelve vibrating people or something. Talking about light and how to get to heaven, althought, unlike Icke, he hasn't said that he is the son of God.

Other stuff.... Edit

He has actually held patents for solar energy production and has been nominated for renewable energy business awards and stuff, so he's s pretty clever fella'.

He has appeared on the TV. Including asking a question about 9/11 on Question Time, which is a show where people ask like politicians and stuff questions.

He also has a Youtube channel which is fairly easy to find by searching David Boyle, though the user is universalstudy. On this channel he has discussed topics from nuclear weapons to the collaps of the global banking system.

A brief review of the old exhibition (Which I guess is the new one but in its old location) is available, with some pictures, here:

The person who wrote it was not very impressed....

Brief video tour thing Edit

This if a brief run through of the old exhibition:

And yes, that is the Wizard of Oz and Doctor Who!! Well, why let an former show go to waste?

Bye Edit

In conclusion, this guy is weird, but his message of;

Hope for a better future, Faith in yourself, and Love all of creation

it's a pretty nice on no?

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