Whenever a sack of shit huckster like Joshua P. Warren appears on Coast to Coast A.M. with George Noory, there is always a hero waiting to call in and expose them as the liars they truly are. On the night of March 31, 2017, that hero was Basil from Beaumont. Reacting to a previous callers claim that bringing a Joshua Warren made sigil into a casino caused her to win $25 dollars, Basil responded with the following. "You can tell anybody out there to put a stick or two walnuts in they pocket and uh, you know ,go to the casino and if they win, then uh you know, they assign credit to me." . This truth bomb from Basil left Joshua P. Warren eternally blown the fuck out and dopey George Noory with nothing to say except "Sure!" This moment of heroism was immortalized on the Unbelievable Podcast episode 201 and the quote "You can tell anybody out there to put a stick or two walnuts in they pocket" appears on the Unbelievable soundboard, where it has become a fan favorite. Basil's walnuts also appear on an Unbelievable Podcast trading card created by Raymond Rowell.

Card 201-1

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